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Children's Psychology & Counselling

Private and Medicare Clients

If your child or adolescent has been impacted by adverse experiences, such as trauma, harmful stress, attachment difficulties, developmental challenges, or mental health concerns, then Cassie can assist both child and parent to navigate this difficult time. 

Cassie offers a targeted intervention approach, whereby the parents are asked to attend an initial parent meeting, followed by ongoing sessions with the child and parent throughout the counselling period. Utilising play therapy, attachment therapy and a combination of Cognitive Behaviour and Acceptance & Commitment therapies, Cassie will determine an individualised treatment plan that is multimodal and developmentally appropriate.


Referrals can be made by contacting Cassie directly through the website, bearing in mind that for medicare clients to claim the rebate, a written referral from a GP is required.


Counselling session fee’s start from $210 per hour.

Teen Group Programs

Student Leadership and Positive Psychology Programs

Cassie has worked for a number of years in our local Education sector, and has sound experience in working with Youth Leadership Programs.

Cassie offers direct school-based programs for High School Student Leaders who are actively developing their leadership skills, as well as targeted prevention programs for teenagers who require some additional skills to support their development. Positive Psychology tools and resources underpins both of these group programs, and there is a minimum of 6 students required to run the programs, with a maximum of 12 who can attend.


For further enquires on these group programs that Cassie can offer in your school, please reach out directly to discuss your options and receive a quote.

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