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Professional Psychology Supervision & Consultancy

At Nurtured Insight you will find a number of supervision-based services that are focused around Child & Adolescent Psychology/Therapy and School Psychology/Counselling services. 


About Me

Hi, I'm Cassie Neville, a registered Psychologist and Professionally Trained Supervisor.

Having worked in the field of Child & Adolescent Psychology, both within Education and Private Practice, Cassie brings over 15 years experience to her supervisees, teachers and school leaders. For those wanting to nurture their understanding of emotional wellbeing for children, to consolidate best-practice models for school wellbeing services, and for anyone working in this industry who is in need of specialised and reflective supervision, then Nurtured Insight is the right place for you.


Are you an Intern Psychologist, either starting out your 4+2 or 5+1 Registration Pathway? Are you a newly registered Psychologist working in the area of children, adolescents and school psychology? Are you a mental health practitioner or allied health worker, employed in positions where your service is child-centered? Are you a teacher, principal or person in leadership looking for professional consultancy around effective school psychology service delivery? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Cassie is excited to discuss your supervision or consultancy needs.

References from Real People

"Cass is the perfect combination of directive and non-directive. Her style is inviting and comfortable. I found it easy to express my fears, concerns, triumphs and queries with Cass. She is such a wealth of knowledge and is able to teach her skills so well. Cass is generous, supportive and encouraging supervisor. Cass has the ability to easily understand and break down complex presentations and explain them in an easy to understand way. Cass's knowledge of the competencies is outstanding and she ensures that you are thoroughly competent, building on strengths throughout the internship."

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